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2014-2015 Hoover PTA Executive Board Members

President Jong-Mi L.
Executive Vice President Peggy B.
First VP of Membership & Administration Chair Anais L.
Second VP of Fundraising Chair Liliya S.
Third VP of Programs Chair Indira S.
Co-Programs Chair Miyoung K.
Fourth VP of Events Chair Naomi W.
Fifth VP of Communications Chair Gayatri B.
Co-Communications Chair Anupama K.
Recording Secretary Ann L.
Parliamentarian Mayma R.
Historian Amanda S.
Treasurer Elizabeth L.
Co-Treasurer Joy W.
Financial Secretary Jieun S.
Auditor Lorie P.

PTA Council

Room Parent Coordinator Deepty L.
Room Parent Coordinator Anjuli B.
School Webmaster Craig W.
PTA Webmaster Yumi I.
Project Cornerstone Hoover ABC Webmaster Olga Z.
Volunteer Coordinator Indira S.
PIE Representative Hideko S.
PIE Representative Shirley W.
PIE Representative Kanwal R.
PIE Representative Amelia P.
PIE Representative Fiona H.
School Traffic Safety Representative Anais L.
School Traffic Coordinator 1 (Kinder DropOff Area) Uma M.
School Traffic Coordinator 2 (Kinder Yard Crosswalk) Amrutha K.
School Traffic Coordinator 3 (Office Crosswalk) Anjuli B.
School Traffic Coordinator 4 (School Exit) Amrutha K.
After School Program Coordinator (Lead) Mayma R.
After School Program Coordinator (Co-Lead) Jenny R.
eNews Editor Gayatri B.
eNews Editor Anupama K.
Hedgehog News Editor Maryam M.
Hoover PTA Student Directory Amanda S., Lorie P.
School Sign Board Lynn O.
School Sign Board Queenie N.
Copy Squad Lynn O.
Library Mending Lynn O, Cleia D. Yumi I.
Library Peggy B, Olga Z., Yasuko T.

Book Exchange Committee 1. Bryna C.
2. Anjuli B.
3. Deepty J.
4. Husna H.

Yearbook committee
Editor Kaile W.
Editor - Interns 1. Queenie N.
2. Soojeong L.
Photographs In-charge Melinda B.
Order checking and distribution Leanna K.
Teacher contact Hui T.

T-shirt Design Committee
Printer Otto Y.
Design In -Charge Aveek S.
Max K.
Divya J.
Order Collection & Distribution Pei-Ta C.

Green Team Parent Advisors 1. Indira S.
2. Zainab J.

Events Co- Leads with Naomi W.
Ice Cream Social Kathy Y.
Lego, Board and Games Night Ching S.
Linna Z.
Ice Skating Marianne J.
Nina L.
Christine Y.
International Festival Jong-Mi L.
Samina S.
Stewart R.
Olga Z.
May Fete Parade Heena P.
Sherrie Z.
Carnival Anamika S.
Sherrie Z.
Winnie W.
Movie Night Naomi W.
Arnie N.
Grade level Potluck Lead Deepty J.

Fundraising events - Book Fair
Lead 1 Liliya S.
Lead 2 Chu-Yi W.
Lead 3 Fiona H.
Co-Leads Christy O.
Co-Leads Roopam B.
Co-Leads Stewart R.
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