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Questions and Answers about Hoover PTA

Q: What is PTA?
A: PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. It is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. Each school has its own independent PTA. In the wake of the problems with government school funding, PTA steps in to help to fill out the gap between government school funding and the optimal school funding. Also the goals include parent volunteerism, student and teacher support, community involvement, and the welfare of students and families.

Q: What is Hoover PTA executive board?
A: The Hoover PTA executive board consists of parents,  who take responsibility for different aspects of running the PTA as well as the Hoover teacher representative (Mrs. Saxena) and the Hoover principal Ms. Bimpson. 

Q: Why do we need PTA?
A: PTA serves as a bridge between the school and the parents. Among other things PTA organizes activities, provides supplies for classrooms, art and PE programs, and helps with communication between the school and parents. 

Q: Where the PTA funds come from?
A: PTA funds come exclusively from your tax deductible donations.

Q: Where the funds go to?
A: Attached is a list of some stuff that Hoover PTA provides.

Q: Isn’t Hoover a free public school? Why give money to PTA?
A: Government funding for California’s schools is in the 49th place in the US (adjusted for the cost of living). “Free public education” provides only a facility, administration and teachers. It does not provide enrichment programs, school supplies, playground equipment, or community building activities.

Q: But I can buy my own school supplies, why is PTA involved?
A: PTA spends about $25 per child per year for classroom supplies. There are many benefits to our system. First of all, you do not have to spend a lot of money for back to school shopping. Second, by buying in bulk saves money for everybody. You do not have to worry about your child carrying all the supplies with him/her and loosing things. Finally, it allows everybody to focus on the education, without the worry of which types of supplies to purchase. Additionally, you do not have to bring art supplies for the art program. 

Q: I am confused between PiE and PTA. What is the difference?
A: PiE pays for staff (teacher aids, art and music teachers, Instructional Assistants in reading, math and science) and PTA pays for stuff (see the attached list).  Also PiE is a Palo Alto wide organization; it serves all Palo Alto schools.  Hoover PTA serves just Hoover Elementary. 

Q: How can I donate?
A: Currently we are asking for a check to be dropped off in the PTA envelope together with the “One check form”. We are working on making electronic donations possible as well.

Q: I cannot afford to donate, what should I do?
A: The amount on the one check form is a suggested amount to continue the support of PTA programs and initiatives. It comes to just $15 a month. You are encouraged to donate any amount you feel that you can afford. You also have the option of spreading payments into smaller amounts throughout the year. Additionally, you can consider donating your time! There are plenty of volunteering opportunities at Hoover, on campus and off that occur over a wide span of dates and times.  Hoover depends on 10 hours of volunteering per family each year, and if you can afford to donate more it will certainly be welcomed and deeply appreciated! Every child benefits greatly when parents volunteer!

Q: What about tax deduction?
A: Absolutely! PTA is a fully non-profit organization. Hoover Elementary PTA Tax ID: 94-2597093. Let us know if you would like a receipt for your donation.

Q: What is matching donation?
A: Many Bay Area companies provide the “Matching Donation”.  It means that your company will donate the same amount to non-profit organization as you did. Please ask your employer about that.  Hoover Elementary PTA Tax ID: 94-2597093

In 2012-13 Hoover PTA paid for:

- Instructional materials, such as the Everyday Math workbooks your children use on a daily basis
- The hands-on science visits and instruction your children receive from the Palo Alto Junior Museum
- Art and classroom supplies, e.g. clay, paints, brushes, oil pastels, colored paper, markers, landscape materials
- Library books
-   Equipment the teachers need for the children in the classroom, e.g. classroom rugs the children sit on daily, mobile bookshelves, bulletin boards, Friday folders, label makers, calendars
- Recess equipment
- Parent education nights
- The ice cream, lemonade and food served at the Ice Cream Social event
- The prizes each child receives at the different stations at the Year-End Carnival, as well as food and beverage that day
- Hot chocolate, snacks, paper cups, plates and other supplies used for the Ice Skating Party
- Entertainment at the International Festival
- Materials for signs and posters around the school to make sure that you are informed of PTA-sponsored events and activities
- Printing costs for the Hedgehog News, and other printed informational materials from the PTA (e.g. PTA back-to-school welcome packet)
- toy storage shed
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